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Washington, DC, June 4, 2003

Safe Passage International and its Conservation Partners™, including Trip Mate Insurance Agency and Ward Insurance Network, working through the Travelers Conservation Foundation, donated $60,000 to the restoration of the Anderson Cottage, also known as the Lincoln Summer White House on the grounds of the Soldiers' Home in Washington, a project of Save America's Treasures. The site was recently featured by the Home & Garden TV network in its educational series "Restore America: A Salute to Preservation."

"It is considered the most important unrestored presidential site in the country, and one of the most significant sites associated with President Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln spent one quarter of his presidency at the Soldiers' Home, commuting daily between the cottage and the White House by horseback or carriage between June and November of 1862-1864. During the time he resided at the Soldiers' Home, Lincoln worked on drafts of the Emancipation Proclamation." - National Trust for Historic Preservation