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Employment CrisisFund®


Large-scale employment practices lawsuits can be avoided altogether, or lessened in severity, through timely, expert intervention: a well thought-out media strategy; thorough, early investigation of an issue; the insight of specialized employment practices legal counsel - all can help weed out a problem before it grows, or minimize damages after an employment practices incident has occurred.


  • Insureds can use Employment CrisisFund to hire any public relations firm, media consultant, investigative agency or law firm
  • Insureds may also select a firm from our pre-approved panel of leading crisis management agencies
  • Coverage is triggered by the insured's General Counsel when an employment crisis incident is reported in the media, discovered by senior management, or alleged by a potential claimant
  • Funds are available virtually any time management becomes aware of a potentially severe employment practices problem
  • No claim against the underlying policy is required
  • Employment crisis is defined as any event that has resulted in or is reasonably expected to result in one of the following employment practices claims:
    • A class action employment practices lawsuit
    • A civil or criminal action alleging sexual harassment by a company executive
    • A civil action or compliance audit initiated by the EEOC or a similar state agency
    • A civil action alleging retaliatory conduct in response to whistleblower actions

Submission Requirements

Refer to the employment practices liability policy

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