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Travel Protection Plans

Safe Passage International started business in 1985 as a broker of wholesale travel protection plans. As an industry leader we work closely with Travel Organizations such as Tour Operators, Cruise Lines, Group Organizers, and others, to design profitable travel protection plans that meet the needs of their travelers. Safe Passage specializes in designing innovative benefits and finding ways to maximize revenue for its clients.

Flexible Benefit Design

We structure your Travel Protection Plans to include some or all of the following benefits: Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Trip Delay, Medical Expenses, 24/7 Worldwide Assistance, Accidental Death, and Lost, Delayed and Stolen Baggage. Coverage can be tailored to include benefits that are not available elsewhere at the wholesale level, such as coverage for Default of a Travel Supplier, Pre-Existing Medical Conditions, Outside Air and Terrorist Acts.

Quality Partners & Service

Trip Mate Insurance Agency administers the Plans, which are insured by the United States Fire Insurance Company, one of the world's largest, most highly rated insurance groups. Trip Mate is one of the largest providers of wholesale travel protection products to the travel industry. Recognized for its extensive Plan coverage and quality of service, the focus of Trip Mate's operations is the administration of travel insurance programs for tour operators, cruise lines, and other distributors of travel-related services.

We are proud of Trip Mate's reputation for innovation, quality products and professional expertise.