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War Risk Insurance

Through its "Security First" insurance portfolios, Safe Passage International offers travel accident and war risk insurance tailored to the needs of NGOs and Corporate clients. Shown below are the travel-related insurance plans available through Safe Passage International, including war risk insurance.

For an introduction to War Risk Insurance, see our PDF article"War Risk Insurance for Non-Governmental Organizations" by Jon Gerlach and Jim Irwin.

"Security First" NGO Insurance

Safe Passage offers the "Security First" portfolio of NGO Insurance plans designed expressly for the unique needs of Non-Governmental Organizations. NGO workers and volunteers should not be sent into the field without adequate insurance coverage for the risks they face while on assignment outside their home country. In addition, liablity protection should be considered for the NGO itself. "Security First" NGO Insurance includes the following plans available through Safe Passage:

Corporate Insurance

The "Security First" portfolio of Corporate Insurance plans is designed for the needs of private firms under contract with the US Government or engaged in private sector operations, and provides gap-filling insurance coverage for their staff and employees while working outside their home country. The following "Security First" Corporate Insurance plans are available through Safe Passage: