Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation

Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation [FVWC]

As more US-based businesses have operations in countries around the world, it is becoming increasingly important that their Workers Compensation Policies be properly structured to address the significant exposures created when their employees conduct business outside the US.

This is true whether the employees are on permanent assignment, a short-term contract or a brief work-related trip.

While there is some coverage available through endorsements to domestic Workers Compensation Policies, most do not pay for work-related injuries that occur overseas. Employers must be certain that their coverage is evolving right alongside their business operations and that their employees are being adequately covered — regardless of where they are working.

Fortunately, a solution exists!

SPI offers US-domiciled businesses the opportunity to purchase Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation to fill in the gaps left by standard domestic Workers Compensation Insurance.


There are several significant benefits afforded under the FVWC coverage offered by SPI that are not generally available via endorsement to a standard domestic workers compensation policy.

These include:

  • Coverage for 3rd Country Nationals
  • Employers Liability for Local Nationals
  • Repatriation Expense
  • Coverage for Endemic Disease
  • Extensive Worldwide Claims Network

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