NGO Insurance

Are you working in a war zone, refugee camp or natural disaster?

Are you helping with aid, relief and development efforts?

Are you a pilot, doctor, nurse, photographer or journalist?

All of these have special insurance coverage needs. We have special insurance coverage solutions.

Through its Insurance Plans, SPI offers Travel Accident plus War Risk Coverage tailored to the needs of NGOs and Business clients. NGO workers & volunteers should not be sent into the field without adequate insurance coverage for the risks they face – especially High-Risk Areas worldwide.

NGO Travel Accident & War Risk Insurance is available 24 hours a day for Expatriates whether working on a paid basis or as a volunteer outside their country of residence or permanent assignment.

  • A Family Plan is available for Dependents who are traveling with the Expat
  • We also offer plans for Local Nationals working in their country of permanent residence
  • Our TRIP Plans are designed for individual international trips

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