Defense Base Act Insurance

In the present economic and political environment, Defense Base Act coverage has never been more important. Today, as more and more US-based organizations enter into relationships with the US government for a variety of projects involving the military or other agencies for public works, such as the rebuilding of war-torn countries and for the overall national security of the country, DBA coverage is vital — and mandatory.

SPI is uniquely qualified to work with you to navigate through this complex area. Our insurance companies and affiliates use a dedicated claims staff with offices around the world with the ability to respond quickly to any claims falling under this Act.


Established in 1941, the primary goal of the Act was to cover workers on military bases outside the United States. The Act was amended to include public works contracts with the government for the building of non-military projects such as dams, schools, harbors and roads abroad. A further amendment added a vast array of enterprises revolving around the national security of the US and its allies. Today, almost any contract with an agency of the US government, for work outside the US, whether military in nature or not, will likely require Defense Base Act coverage.

DBA related categories – DBA insurance must be secured prior to & be maintained during the contract:

  • Any Military Base
  • Any Air Base
  • Any Naval Base
  • Any lands used &/or occupied by US government for military purposes
  • Any territory or possession outside the Continental US
  • Any public works project if under contract with US government
  • In any territory or possession outside the Continental US
  • If the contract is for the purpose of performing public work with any US or representative agency outside the US but not within any of the areas described above
  • If the contract is to be performed outside the US under the Mutual Security Act of 1954
  • The contract is approved & financed by the US or any respective executive department or agency
  • An American employer providing welfare or similar services for the benefit of Armed Forces pursuant to appropriate authorization by Secretary of Defense outside the Continental US

Typical industries and employees who may be subject to obtain DBA Coverage:

  • Project Managers
  • Consultants
  • Engineers
  • Security Firms
  • Facilities Support Management Services
  • Logistical Support Services
  • Information Technology Providers
  • Educational Institutions
  • Churches & Ministries

Coverage Highlights & Benefits

  • Specialized in DBA & International Casualty Underwriting
  • Dedicated DBA Claims Management
  • Worldwide assistance to employees after claims reporting
  • Global Network of DBA Professionals
  • DOL approved
  • Medical & Rehabilitation
  • Income & Loss of Wages Indemnity
  • Disability & Death Benefits
  • Optional Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion
  • Optional Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Risk Management Services

Limits up to $1 Million for:

  • Employers Liability
  • Repatriation

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