Special Visa Program

US State Department – G Visa & Embassy Workers (A-Visa)

Our SPI Visa Special Program provides affordable medical coverage on a PPO basis for temporary residents in the US on non-immigrant visas.

For over 30 years our plans have covered visa holders who are affiliated with the United Nations, World Bank, OAS, PAHO, embassies and non-governmental organizations with foreign staff members in the US.

Special Insurance Plans for Non-Immigrant Visa-Holders in the US

  • Healthcare insurance for foreign workers in the US on A or G Visas … and their employers
  • Choose one of our limited benefit medical policies with open access to doctors & hospitals in most metropolitan areas
  • SPI has been working with G-4s and their household staff for over 30 years!

A reputation built on trust!

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3 Standard Freedom Plans

The Standard Freedom Plans are limited-benefit medical insurance plans that cover G-Visa and A-Visa holders for a wide range of medical expenses for the option you select.

Choose from 3 options according to the level of coverage you need, up to an annual limit of $150,000 per person per year.  All plans include:

  • Inpatient care up to the maximum limit
  • Out-Patient Services such as
    • Primary Care & Specialist visits
    • Lab Services
    • Diagnostic X-Rays
    • Prescription Drugs
  • United Healthcare Provider Network

These plans are not ACA compliant.

All plans also offer coverage for your eligible dependents as well as these additional services:

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Repatriation of Mortal Remains
  • Multilingual Concierge Care 365/24/7
  • Patient Concierge Services & Navigation to Doctors and Hospitals in the US
  • Online Claims Submission

If you would like to review our ACA compliant plan, call us at 800-777-7665 (ext. 117) or upload your completed application using the form below.

This insurance is underwritten by R&Q Quest SAC) Limited on behalf of the WellAway Segregated.