War Risk Insurance

  • Our TRIP Plans are designed for individual international trips

Companies working in troubled regions around the world realize that adequate insurance is an important tool in their security plans.

TRIPInsurance Plans support the health & safety of workers as well as provide liability protection for the Company &/or Organization.

Common Security Concerns

  • What happens when workers need medical attention when traveling outside their home country?
    • How will they find an appropriate physician?
    • who will pay for potentially expensive medical bills?
  • Are they covered for Terrorist Acts and War-Related Injuries?
  • What about Kidnapping & Extortion?
  • How will they handle an emergency in case of a language barrier?
  • Is the company compliant with Defense Base Act requirements?
  • Does the company have adequate liability coverage?
  • Are there Third-Country Nationals on staff who should be insured?
  • Does the company’s insurance portfolio contain troublesome gaps in coverage?
To help solve security concerns, allow us to personally assist you to find the appropriate plan which will meet your needs.

Any company doing business overseas in the private sector or on US Government projects needs to protect their staff, employees and accompanying dependents – especially in High-Risk Areas of the world. We have special insurance plans to do just that!

  • Medical, Disability, Travel & War Risk Coverage
  • Foreign Voluntary Worker’s Comp [FVWC]
  • Kidnap & Ransom [K&R]
  • Defense Base Act [DBA]
  • Director’s Liability insurance [D&O]
  • Errors & Omissions Coverage [E&O]
  • International Liability                                                          

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