Student Insurance FAQ

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How do I enroll in the ScholarAmSure Plan?

Go to the Student Insurance page, select your school, and click on the Buy Now button. You pay for the insurance plan online with your international credit card. You can then download your insurance letter of confirmation, your insurance ID card, the Evidence of Coverage, and descriptions of benefits.

When does my insurance coverage become effective?

The plan can become effective as early as the date you leave your home country to travel to the USA for your education. You select the start date; but it must be no later than the day you are required to be at your school before classes begin.

What is included in the ScholarAmSure plan?

The ScholarAmSure package includes Accident and Sickness Medical insurance; Medical Evacuation, Repatriation and Security Evacuation coverage; and Personal Property/Personal Liability insurance.

Do I have to purchase insurance for a full school year?

Yes, unless you are first arriving in the USA to begin classes for the second semester or will be attending school for less than a full year. Many schools require that coverage be purchased for the entire school year; so, you will purchase plans to cover the school year plus any additional time you plan to be in the USA before the date you are required to be at school before classes begin.

Can I purchase the insurance if I am inside the USA?

No, you must purchase it before you travel to the USA.

Do I need to provide a copy of my visa or other documents when I purchase the plan?

No, participants are not required to provide a copy of their visa or other documents when enrolling in the plan.

When should I complete the waiver for my school?

You should complete the waiver as soon as your school allows after you purchase the ScholarAmSure plan. Your letter of confirmation is intended to provide the information you need to complete the waiver.

How can I show proof of insurance to my school?

You should provide a copy of the email we sent you with your Insurance ID card and letter of confirmation to your school as proof of insurance.

Can you help me complete the waiver?

Yes. Email us the waiver form you obtain from your school’s insurance website and we will assist you in completing it. Send it to

What should I do if the school denies my waiver?

Email us the waiver denial document you received from your school showing the reason for denial. Send it to

What is the name of the insurance company?

The name of the insurance company is shown in your letter of confirmation or Brief Summary of Coverage.

Do you have a plan for F1 OPT students?

No. We do not currently have an OPT plan.

How do I determine if a hospital or doctor I am planning to visit is an In-Network provider?

Go to, enter the city and state of your provider, click on Passport to Healthcare Primary PPO Network, and enter the provider’s name. You also can find a provider if you do not have one by entering the type of physician/facility you are looking for.

How do I schedule an appointment with a medical provider?

Call the provider’s office to make an appointment. Tell them that the Network for your insurance plan is Aetna Passport to Healthcare PPO Network. This is shown on your insurance ID Card. If the provider wants to verify benefits, they should contact the claims administrator, Administrative Concepts, Inc. (ACI), as stated on your insurance ID Card.

How do I determine if a specific treatment or procedure is covered by my plan before I receive treatment?

You should contact the claims administrator, Administrative Concepts, Inc. (ACI), as shown on your insurance ID card, for answers to coverage questions.

Do I have to pay anything for treatment at an In-Network provider?

You will have to pay any deductible, coinsurance and treatment costs that are not included in your plan and its benefit limits. Providers will often estimate the amount you will owe (amount not payable by the insurance plan) and may ask you to pay that amount when receiving medical services.

Who pays my medical claims?

The claims administrator, Administrative Concepts, Inc. (ACI), will pay your claims on behalf of the insurance company according to the terms of your insurance plan. If you receive a bill from your provider, you should contact ACI to find out if there are any claims still being processed. ACI will send you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) when they process your claim, indicating the amount that is your responsibility (share). You should pay your share of the costs directly to the provider. You may have paid some or all your share of the costs when you received your medical service

How do I arrange for a medical evacuation or security evacuation?

You should call On Call International at 855-464-8969.

Who do I contact if I have a Personal Property or Personal Liability claim?

You would contact XN Financial Services Inc. by telephone at 1-866-286-4076 (from the USA and Canada) or +800-9623-6837 (worldwide); or by email at Your policy number is 4-554-1-0000. See the XN Global Personal Insurance brochure or policy for more details.

What is Safe Passage International (SPI)?

Since 1986 Safe Passage International has been a significant underwriter, broker, and manager of medical insurance programs for international and domestic students studying in the USA. We specialize in arranging insurance plans that meet a wide range of student insurance needs when studying in the USA. For more info, read more About Us.